Lead producer since start of show. Podcast for the Twitter duo, the Astro Poets. Responsibilities include audio editing/scoring, guest sourcing, talent coaching, mixing, and mastering.


Lead producer since January 2019. A show about when to make the change you’ve always wanted to make. Responsibilities include audio editing/scoring, guest sourcing, mixing and mastering.


Lead producer on season 2. A short and sweet self-help show. Responsibilities include host coaching, recording/engineering, scripting, audio editing/scoring, mixing and mastering.


Lead producer on season 2 (Rusty Sneiderman). An experiment in the podcast form. Prepared all 14 episodes to launch on Stitcher Premium. Responsibilities include recording/engineering, scripting host narration, scoring, sound design, audio editing, mixing and mastering.


Lead producer. A show that challenged me. Worked closely with host to synthesize 3 voices per episodes. Recorded/engineered, interviewed guests, scripted, story edited, audio edited scored, mixed and mastered.


Lead produer. This show was my baby at Macmillan. I planned episode topics, scripted intros/transitions, recorded/engineered, edited, mixed and mastered.


Lead producer. My first show at Macmillan. I sourced guests, coached hosts, recorded/engineered, edited, mixed and mastered.

Lead producer. My senior thesis in college and my first full length audio piece. I interviewed, hosted, scripted, edited, mixed and mastered.