One of the things I feel most passionately about is education for podcasters. I’ve spoken at a few events (below) and am open to speaking at your event so get in touch!

I specialize in show growth/podcast strategy, with a particular focus on media companies with networks. I also am a former producer and am incredibly interested in the intersection of the production & business ends of the industry.

I also genuinely love coaching the newest-of-the-new to the podcasting space, and feel strongly that podcasting needs a backbone of indie creators. Breaking into podcasting can be baffling to newbies and I am happy to speak at events seeking to lift that cloud of mystery.

1/27/2022 – Hot Docs Podcast Festival – “Masterclass in Audience Engagement” – (panelist)

9/10/2021 – IAB Podcast Upfront Fall 2021 – Acast’s presentation, discussion with the makers of the Intercept’s podcast, Murderville

6/23/2021 – Amplifying Her Voice, Father’s Day Summit – “Are You Ready to Start Your Own Podcast?” (moderator)

6/11/2021 – The Podcast Academy & the State of Women Podcast Network Lunch & Learn – “How to Monetize Your Podcast” (guest speaker)

5/18/2021 – Aclass Insider Webinar – “Show Growth 101”

3/19/2021 – Amplifying Her Voice Conference – “The Art of Monetizing a Podcast” & “Are You Ready to Start Your Podcast?” (panelist)

3/18/2021 – Training on Pro Tools First, designed for diverse podcasters who are interested in learning the industry standard software, by learning the free version. Article on why this session was important here (by me).

3/16/2021 – The Podcast Academy – Monetization Resource Guide Talkback (co-author on guide & panelist)

9/16/2020 Aclass: Latinx (emcee)

3/7/2020 – Aclass: Queer Voices (organizer & emcee) – follow up article, co-author

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